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“All therapies are aimed at elevating the health of the whole person by blending the best massage techniques learned to help serve others on their path to wellness.  Mindfulness & positive intentions are included in every session; bringing a sacredness to the table to help restore balance in the midst of life.” – HAYDEN

Massage by Hayden provides an ethical, holistic, licensed service for whosoever needs assistance.  Hayden’s expertise is in visceral manipulations called Bodywork/Massage and Energywork by accessing the Chi & Pranic pathways.  His unique combination of techniques offers a unique experience for a holistic approach to Massage Therapy.  To be clear: you get way more for your money by the value of expertise in bodywork instead of paying medium to large chain massage businesses that underpay and overwork their employees.

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Blending Eastern & Western Therapies

The following therapies are generally blended together during sessions.

Japanese Zen Face Massage: deeply relaxing, promotes a  more youthful a well-rested appearance by increasing relaxation & increased bloodflow.

Chinese Craniosacral:  amalgamation of Chinese 5 elements theory, traditional Craniosacral , Polarity Therapy, Quantum Touch, facilitates proper Qi flow, incorporates acupressure, & use of essential oils.

Thai Massage:  nontraditional by being modified for the massage table.

Lomi-Lomi: indigenous Hawaiian bodywork which can be translated as “The Dance of Massage” or “Breaking up of Knots”.

Western modalities: Deep Tissue, Sports, Neuromuscular/Triggerpoint Therapy,  & Swedish movement therapy.


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